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About Us

     My Labradors live with me in my home. It is very important to me that they have true lab temperament, be biddable, sound, look and function like Labradors.

    I live on Bailey Island, which is in Casco Bay.  You can come by water or by road, the island is connected by a Cribstone bridge to Orr's Island.  The girls love it here as it is never far to the next swim. They go everywhere with me so they must have good manners.

    From 1975 until 1994 we had 2 rescue dogs. The first was a lab mix. We had him for 6 years until he was stolen. The next one, a Springer mix was with us for 13 years. It was during this time that we decided labs were for us. We read everything we could about labs and met many people. We went to shows to meet breeders and to homes to see litters. We met Jackie Dunbar of Sunnyside Farm in Bucksport and she was kind enough to get me started in labs.

We obtained our first lab in 1997, she was Onyx who taught me a great deal. Jackie then introduced me to my current mentor, Mrs. Diane Pilbin of Chucklebrook Labs in NH.

My husband died in 2015 and I work full time. I am very active working with and training the girls. I only plan a litter every two to three years so I am able to give the time and attention needed for the additional family member that will result. I can be reached at

This website is a work in progress, please stop by to see us again, don't forget carrots for the girls.

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